Wedding Theme the 7 Greatest

 7 Trendiest Wedding Theme

7 Trendiest Wedding Theme


1- Nubian Wedding Theme
2- Circus Wedding theme
3-Moroccan wedding theme
4- sunflower  wedding theme
5- Beach wedding theme
6-Secret Garden wedding theme
7- Arabian wedding theme


Is your wedding date approaching? Are you planning a wedding that dazzles the audience?

You do not have to be rich to have an unforgettable wedding.

In this article, you will know the latest 7 Trendiest Wedding Themes


1- Nubian Wedding Theme

Most requested topics Because it is a cheerful  theme, characterized by bright colors. This theme started with Nubians only and then moved to others. it is includes (Henna Day) On this day the bride and groom put the Nubian henna on their hands and feet, They light the Nubian incense, the most famous of which are sandalwood and mahlabia , sing traditional songs,and dance distinctive dances that express their tribes and customs. The Nubian wedding is characterized by songs that encourage dancing, such as the songs of Mohamed Mounir.

nubian theme nubian theme nubian theme nubian theme


2- Circus Wedding theme

One of the most famous weddings this season because Because it is the chosen theme by the Egyptian actor Hassan Abu Al-Roos, who is famous as chikalastic.
Some permits are taken, a full circus is booked, and the same circus performances are presented. The artist Hassan also used the cabarets to add joy to the audience.

circus theme circus theme circus theme circus theme circus theme

3-Moroccan wedding theme

Some couples prefer the Moroccan  theme, which is characterized by intricate lanterns, flowing fabrics, and riches. The most famous thing in this topic is the pouf seats versus traditional chairs
Tassels and tapestries are iconic and must be included
Pampas grass is beautiful and symbolic and should always be visible.

Moroccan theme Moroccan theme


4- sunflower  wedding theme

This choice is often the bride’s choice
Lots of girls love sunflowers and they like this flower to be a part of their big day
We use the natural sunflower in the bouquet and the flowers on the tables, but the rest of the décor we use artificial sunflowers most of the time

sunflower theme sunflower wedding sunflower theme sunflower theme


5- Beach wedding theme

The beach is a fantastic  theme .
There are three main features that need to be considered when planning a beach wedding: seating, ceremony backdrop and location.
Seating should be somewhat shaded or planned for a late afternoon event to avoid hot sun.
Even though you have the ocean as the background you should consider a ceremony backdrop to create a focal point.
The location is key since some beaches are public so you will want to make sure you select a location that takes into account some privacy

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Beach Wedding Beach Wedding Beach Wedding


6-Secret Garden wedding theme

Imagine holding your wedding in a secret garden!!

You can follow these steps:

Do book your wedding at a botanical garden, outdoor venue, or vineyard

Do have your florist create large floral pieces that help to play up the garden style

Don’t be afraid to work with several colors to create a true garden feeling

Don’t overdo it with décor since you want the flowers to stand out the most

Do use theme items like a key, a lock, flowers names, and seeds all in your motif .

PS: You can see a real-life example of this theme in famous Laila Ghalib wedding.

Secret Garden garden


7- Arabian wedding theme

If you prefer a legendary wedding like the wedding of the khaleje singer Balqis, now you can do it easily

Curtains in bright and dazzling colors are very popular in this  theme. Ask your décor manager to hang curtains from the ceiling with shining and glittering lights and chandeliers. This will create a romantic ambience and also a sense of luxury

Your wedding cake or cup cakes can be shaped in Arabic elements like Aladdin’s magic lamp. Or go for a single heavily decorated cake with intricate Arabic motifs and designs

Arabian theme Arabian themeArabian theme aradian